The almost cool Charter

king-cobra.jpgWhile on the subject of the Charter’s  full name, one flaw is that it doesn’t yield a good acronym. CHRR? CHRAR? COHRAR? It just doesn’t work in the way that ACTHRA and NZBORA  do.

But it might have. Section 6 of the Charter provides that:

(1) Only persons have human rights. All persons have the human rights set out in Part 2.  

And the Charter’s definition section defines a person to mean ‘a human being‘.

So, it could have been the Charter of Human Beings’ Rights and Responsibilities, or COHBRAR for short. Now, that might have been cool.

2 thoughts on “The almost cool Charter

  1. I just stumbled across this blog and am loving it. I wish more academics at the Law School were doing stuff like this.

    In regards to the name, while COHBRAR would have been cool, I think COHRAR is the clear winner of all the options.

    I look forward to learning more about the Charter, a topic I know horribly little about.

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