Some conference papers

The Protecting Human Rights Conference at Melbourne Law School (and jointly run by Mel/ANU/UNSW) has quietly launched its promised webpage of conference papers (with the quiet presumably due to the fact that a number of the papers are ‘coming soon’.) Here’s the site.

For now, you can link to the following:

  • Rob McClelland’s opening address (with its notably absent announcement of the federal charter consultation)
  • Ed Santow’s short paper on what’s going on outside of the ACT and Victoria in terms of charters: happening federally, more hopeful than they used to be in Tasmania, less hopeful than they used to be in WA, about as hopeful as always elsewhere, with the caveat that the federal charter may be slowing things elsewhere.
  • A link to Lord Sedley’s London Review of Books paper (which turns out to be what he read to us on DVD.) The full read is for subscribers only or for purchase! I’d gripe about that, but the conference was very competitively priced. 
  • Debbie Mortimer’s comprehensive powerpoints on Charter practice (or non-practice) when it comes to the Charter s.8 equality rights. 
  • My paper on Charter practice when it comes to criminal justice, arguing that the Attorney-General’s fear that a future government would repeal his standout achievement is stunting the Charter in practice. People who spoke to me afterwards kept using the words ‘controversial’ and ‘feisty’ (??) That is, those who spoke to my face…
Hopefully, the remaining papers – especially the detailed contributions from Elias CJ and Johanness Chan – will be up soon.

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