About Jeremy Gans

Charterblog’s author, Jeremy Gans of Melbourne Law School, teaches and researches in criminal justice law. His main teaching is the unique subject Evidence and Proof and he is the co-author of Australian Principles of Evidence. He gave a lengthy conference paper on the Charter in April 2007 and is co-authoring a book on criminal justice rights with Terese Henning, Jill Hunter and Kate Warner. He also advises the Victorian Parliament’s Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee on Charter issues. (His views aren’t SARC’s and vice-versa.)

Jeremy Gans is not an advocate for the Charter and was not involved in its inception or design. Rather, like many other Victorians working in the law and related areas, he’s had his professional life invaded by it (and now has a professional stake in it.) One purpose of this blog is to facilitate the teaching of this difficult and uncharted area of the law to his criminal and evidence law students. Another is to engage in what the University refers to as knowledge transfer with other people affected by the Charter. And the blog is a chance for him to get his thoughts on the Charter straight before publishing them in more formal research outlets. His commitment to this blog is subject to his other professional and personal commitments.

One thought on “About Jeremy Gans

  1. Jeremy

    Just to correct one of your comments re de simone, he was investigated and charged by Frankston Crime Investigation Unit not Geelong.

    In regards to the Charter we are still waiting non a decision from the Supreme court as to whether the charter in fact applies to the relevant sections of VCAT.

    You may also be interested to know that de simone also has matters currently before the NSW Supreme Court (Soon to be forwarded for hearing in Melbourne) as well as the Supreme Court of Melbourne (De Simone v Pital) all resulting fom the same project at Ocean Grove.

    Bevnol constructions and Developments p/l

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